Remedy for Flying

I was talking with a client of mine and he mentioned a few things that one can do to help prevent myself from getting sick after flying on an airplane – being jetlagged of course. I’m making this post mostly for my own collection so I can look back and read the quick remedies I’ve … Read more

Having a Maximum Security Mindset is Important

I’ve always tried to have the most secure mindset when it comes to my passwords. Unfortunately with the news of the recent LastPass hacks, I’ve had to migrate away from it (over a year ago at this point) but now with the more serious breach that occurred, I decided to update ALL of my passwords, … Read more

Pfsense pfblockerng blocking Google and Gmail for devices on network


I’ve recently had an issue with a pfsense firewall version 2.6.0 that caused users on multiple devices to experience “connection timed out” for and gmail. Youtube and other websites like bing were working fine. Ping google results in timed out, and traceroute wasn’t working either. I added google, Gmail, and youtube to the whitelist, … Read more

Ultimate 2022 Smart Apartment on a Budget


Ultimate Smart Apartment – On A Budget If you’re looking into how to automate and set up a smart home/apartment, these are my recommendations based on what I’ve bought and what I think would work great in any smart apartment setup. For software, I’m currently using the Smart Life App in tandem with Alexa to … Read more

Blockchain AI of the Future


So I had an idea the other day. What if you used the processing power of GPU’s/ASICs within the blockchain to create both a Cryptocurrency as well as a machine learning algorithm that will eventually train a fork of the chain to be used for humanity’s problem-solving using AI + neural network. Providing, both (potential) … Read more